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GO4IT: Green Office Challenge

The Pellissippi State Sustainable Campus Initiative has designed the Green Office Challenge to engage faculty, staff, and students in campus sustainability. A major goal of this project is to increase awareness of the need to “Go Green.” A greener workplace creates a smaller ecological footprint, a healthier and more productive work environment, and is good news for the college financially.

Here’s how it works:

Whether you have an individual office or a desk in a group office, you can earn recognition for your choices to support campus and personal sustainability.  The program is based on a “4-Leaf” system, meaning that there are four tiers of accomplishment, each with increasing difficulty and a widening circle of networking for creating a green office space and campus. As each leaf level is earned, faculty and staff members will be awarded a leaf for display, as well as a special logo for their e-mail.

Please begin with Leaf One and complete it before starting on the next leaf.  Extra points from one leaf may be carried over to the next leaf.  Note that there is a Wildcard Section at the end; points earned in that section may be put toward any leaf.

The checklists follow as tabs in an Excel document here: Green Office Challenge Checklists

Please save your checklist on your computer, and when you have earned enough points to complete a leaf, send your checklist to the Sustainability Office (sustainability@pstcc.edu), and your first leaf will be awarded. For assistance with the checklists, please contact the Sustainability office at (865-539-7364 or sustainability@pstcc.edu), and a student, staff, or faculty member will be sent to your office to help.

The following people have earned enough points for their respective leaf level:

Gold Leaf Level:

  • Julia Costner
  • Ann Kronk 
  • Deb McElroy
  • Susan McMahon
  • Maria Rivero
  • Patricia Roller
  • Micaela Snyder
  • Audrey Williams
Pellissippi State Green Office Challenge Gold Level

Bronze Leaf Level:

  • Allison England
  • Sara Malley
  • Larry Vincent
  • Katie Morris
  • Kelly Rivers
  • Stephanie Baker-Harden
Pellissippi State Green Office Challenge Bronze Level

 Copper Leaf Level:

  • Leslie Adamczyk
  • Brenda Ammons
  • Tyra Barrett
  • Amy Caponetti
  • Garry Pennycuff
  • Julie Watts
  • Heather White
Pellissippi State Green Office Challenge Copper Level


 Green Leaf Level:

  • Barbara Bailes
  • Mary Bledsoe
  • Ron Bridges
  • Harriet L. Ford
  • Sami Ghezawi
  • Jacqueline Ingram
  • Ellen Keene
  • Elizabeth Ivey McCowan
  • Chester Needham
  • Mike North
  • Tracy Rees
  • Linda Reeves
  • Marty Teffeteller
  • Anthony Wise
  • Mark Friebus
Pellissippi State Green Office Challenge Green Level



Please feel free to save the image corresponding to your achieved level in your email signature.


Thank you.  Together let’s GO4IT!

Susan McMahon, Larry Vincent, Heather Schroeder, Audrey Williams, Maria Rivero, Ann Kronk, Christy Watson, and Brenda DelGado, Members of the Campus Sustainability Initiative