electric car chargers
Geese on PSCC Hardin Valley
Division Street Campus photo of recycling container

Sustainable Projects

On-Campus Sustainability Measures In Place

  • recycling of paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and newspaper

  • plentiful parking for bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles

  • shower and changing facilities for people who ride their bikes to school

  • convenient reserved parking for carpool vehicles

  • charging stations for electric vehicles

  • annual purchase of a 4,000 Mwh of “green block” renewable energy to feed into the power grid

  • water bottle refilling stations (one on every floor of every building on every campus) provide access to free, cold, filtered water on campus and, so far, have saved an estimated 110,000 plastic bottles from going to the landfill

  • refillable water bottle and reusable tote bags give-always to new students each semester

  • two-phase change of traditional lighting to low-energy LED lighting in Clayton Performing Arts Center saves energy (consumption savings of 622 watts anytime we use it)

  • hybrid vehicles in Pellissippi State fleet for staff and faculty business use

  • full-time Sustainable Campus Coordinator to facilitate recycling and sustainable campus initiatives

  • automatic light switches in classrooms, offices, restrooms, and elevators

  • automatic faucets and towel dispensers in bathrooms

  • two Dyson dryers installed in the first floor bathrooms, in the McWherter building

  • walking trails and the Student Recreation Center to encourage healthy lifestyles

  • scrap metal recycling containers at the Facilities building

  • educational efforts through the “Meatless Monday” campaign, environmental film series, green bag lunch series, and social media and campus outreach

  • new outdoor bi-recycling bins (plastic/aluminum and landfill)

  • new indoor tri-compartment recycling stations (plastic/aluminum, mixed paper, and landfill; in place at all campuses.

  • creation of a formal sustainability proposal application  open to all students, staff, and faculty with submissions accepted twice a year

  • greenhouse at Division Street campus to be operated in conjunction with PSCC Service Learning and Pond Gap Elementary School

  • "Green Office" program for faculty and staff

  • GEM electric vehicle for recycling pickup and event preparation on campus

  • Solar Dok at Division Street for recharging electronic devices

  • replacement outdating lighting systems in the Student Recreation Center

On-Campus Sustainability Measures In Process

  • improved signage on-campus sustainability improvements (Spring 2016)

  • solar pavilion at Hardin Valley for recharging electronic devices (TBD)

  • outdoor classroom at Hardin Valley for integration across the curriculum (TBD)
  • Committee formed to discuss installation of solar panels to totally power the Information Center (TBD)