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Geese on PSCC Hardin Valley
Division Street Campus photo of recycling container

What can I recycle at PSCC and where do I put it?

Photo of paper rolling bin

Mixed paper – copy paper, colored paper, printer paper, junk mail, envelopes (windows are okay), thin cardboard-like boxes (cereal boxes, for example), catalogs, magazines, sticky notes, etc. – collect in your office or classroom bin, then when full, take to the large blue or green “mixed paper” bins – every floor and most every hallway has one or two.  

Paperback and hardback books – Please collect in a box and email sustainability@pstcc.edu or call at 865-539-7364 to make arrangements for pick up.

Newspaper – There’s a “newspaper only” bin on the 1st floor of ERC at Hardin Valley. Ask the front desk at other campuses.

Copier cartridges  and “regular” batteries – cannot be recycled. Please discard.

Photo of plastic and aluminum bin

Plastic and aluminum – only empty plastic soda or water bottles, caps can be recycled too (unfortunately, at this time, NO yogurt cups, plastic utensils, Styrofoam, etc.) and empty aluminum soda cans. Bottles, their plastic lids, and cans go together in plastic/aluminum bins in hallways or outdoors.

Electronic waste (computer disks, CDs, CD cases, cameras, remotes, cords, wires, cables, computer disks, rechargeable batteries) – Please collect these in a box and email sustainability@pstcc.edu or call at 865-539-7364 to make arrangements for pick up. (For TVs, please contact Suzanne Walker, 865-694-6648.)

Cell phones –Container on each campus for donating old cell phones to help U.S. service members call home.

Computers, monitors, and toner cartridges – Email HelpDesk at helpdesk@pstcc.edu or call 865-694-6537.

Corrugated Cardboard – should be flattened/broken down and taken to cardboard dumpsters (one at the McWherter loading dock and one between Goins and ERC at Hardin Valley; one at the loading dock at Strawberry Plains). Email sustainability@pstcc.edu or call at 865-539-7364 in advance if you are expecting a large shipment or need to make arrangements for a large amount of cardboard to be taken to a cardboard dumpster.

Photo of new outdoor bin

New Outdoor Combination Recycle/Trash Bins – You’ll notice that each campus now has a number of new outdoor combination waste and plastic bottle/aluminum can recycle bins. We’re really proud of them and hope they make recycling easier and more convenient for students, faculty, and staff. Next year, we’ll be adding new indoor combo waste/recycling bins.

Each campus has at least one student recycling worker who regularly collects items and places them in outdoor containers for scheduled pickup by our recycling contractor.

If you would like to request a recycle container, want to report a container that needs attention, or have questions about PSCC's recycling program or our sustainability initiative, please email sustainability@pstcc.edu, or call at 865-539-7364.

Follow Pellissippi State’s recycling and other sustainability efforts on Twitter at @psccsustainable, on Facebook, and by blog.

Meet PSCC's student recycling workers! When you see them picking up and sorting recycle items, promoting recycling, or hosting a sustainability table, please stop by and say hello.

Brad Moats Sustainability Assistant Hardin Valley

Brad Moats, Sustainable Campus & Recycling Coordinator, Hardin Valley

 Nathanael Simpson Hardin Valley Recycling Worker

Nathanael Simpson, Student Recycling Worker, Hardin Valley

 Jose Xirimbimbi Divison Street Student Recycle Worker

Jose Lius Xirimbimbi, Student Recycling Worker, Division Street

Ryan Sharpe Student Recycle Worker Strawberry Plains

Ryan Sharpe, Student Recycling Worker, Strawberry Plains

Amanda Adkins, Student Recycling Worker, Blount County (Not Pictured)

Rose Grady, Student Recycling Worker, Magnolia Avenue (Not Pictured)

Want to join the PSCC Green Team?
We accept applications year-round for recycling workers. For additional info, email sustainability@pstcc.edu or call at 865-539-7364