Take the Green Office Challenge!

Attention, faculty and staff: Make our world at work a better place by taking part in the Green Office Challenge!

In just a few minutes, you can download and check off the Green Office Challenge Checklist from www.pstcc.edu/sustainability/greenoffice. Score yourself in the different categories—Recycling, Energy, and Transportation, for example—and earn points that apply to four levels of eco-friendly accomplishment: Green Leaf, Copper Leaf, Bronze Leaf, and Gold Leaf.

By accruing points for achieving goals like recycling more paper or using task lamps rather than ceiling fluorescents, you can earn badges to display on your office door and in your email signature.

“The Green Office Challenge is intended to improve greenness on campus and increase awareness among employees and students about the importance of being eco-friendly and how easy it is to take simple steps,” said Susan McMahon, a member of the College’s Sustainability Campus Committee.

“Small steps—as small as turning off lights and computers at the end of the day or unplugging items that aren’t in use—can make a big difference,” said Larry Vincent, also a committee member. “The Green Office Challenge is quick and simple.”

So what are you waiting for? Take five minutes to fill out the Green Office Challenge Checklist at www.pstcc.edu/sustainability/greenoffice now!