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Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts (A.A.S.)

Culinary Arts is designed to provide skills and hone the abilities of graduates to succeed in the food and beverage segment of the hospitality industry. Practical applications of cooking theories and principles are stressed in conjunction with basic managerial applications. Courses include work-related experiences to supplement classroom knowledge, including an intense internship. Graduates can work within the select food segment or opt to go the route of an entrepreneur.


Degree: Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Accredited by the American Culinary Federation
180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, FL 32095
904.935.4468 or 800.624.9458

Reaccredited 2022

Job Opportunities

Opportunities fall within all areas of the chef’s brigade, which ranges from station chef to sous chef and beyond. Some graduates will seek to become chefs at varied levels, while others will practice a distinct specialty.

Culinary Arts Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Culinary Arts program, the graduate will have developed the skills, knowledge and abilities to accomplish the following:

  • Perform fundamental and fabrication cooking skills.
  • Demonstrate breakfast cookery, Garde Manger and Baking talent.
  • Perform the steps required to plan, order products, develop a menu, manage assistants, prepare, plate and serve a three-course meal.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of local, state and federal culinary-related laws and competence in compliance.
  • Identify ethical matters and apply a value-based reasoning system to culinary issues.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of purchasing, cost control, accounting systems and the budgeting process.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, think critically and develop problem solving skills utilizing quantitative data in business situations through physical or virtual presence in writing, speaking, listening and electronic media.

Contact(s): Business and Computer Technology, (865) 694-6656

Courses and Course Sequence

Full Culinary Arts (A.A.S.) Catalog Listing

Course sequences can be found in the college catalog and followed by students who begin college-level work in the fall semester. Prerequisites may apply to specific courses; it is the student’s responsibility to determine if prerequisites have been met. An academic advisor is provided for each student. Prior to registering each semester, the student is expected to consult with his/her assigned advisor.

American Culinary Federation Graduate Certification Rates

From the American Culinary Federation (ACF)… For over 45 years, the ACF has been the premier certifying body for cooks and chefs in America. The ACF Certification program offers 15 certification levels to make the chef a more valuable candidate for hiring and promotion, which can help increase his or her salary. Culinarians achieve certification based on education, experience, and successful completion of written and practical exams. The ACF’s certification program is the only culinary program with stackable credentials and is recognized throughout the industry as the standard for excellence in professional skills and knowledge.

The Culinary Institute at Pellissippi State Community College is proud of its long history of graduates finding employment in their field of study. For over a decade, 100% of our graduates who sought employment in the culinary arts field have become employed.

Many local employers are eager to hire Culinary Institute students immediately upon their entering the A.A.S. in Culinary Arts program.

Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts Job Placement

  • Spring 2022 – 100%
  • Fall 2021 – 100%
  • Spring 2021 – 100%

Associate of Applied Science in Business w/ Concentration in Culinary Arts

The A.A.S. in Business/Culinary Arts was replaced with the A.A.S. in Culinary Arts in 2019.

  • Fall 2020 – 100%
  • Spring 2020 – 100%
  • Fall 2019 – 100%
  • Spring 2019 – 100%

Culinary Arts Fee Schedule

Tuition Costs

Please refer to the portion of the PSCC website for current tuition costs.

The lab fee charged covers the costs of all supplies, consumables, knife kits, baking kits, uniforms, shoes, head-coverings, ingredients, required external testing, and other materials used in courses. The fee does not cover textbooks or other printed or web-based required course materials.

Contact Us

Business and Computer Technology
Culinary Arts
(865) 694-6656

Program Coordinator: 
Chef Joseph Blauvelt

Department Dean:
Dr. Michael Wolfe

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Text: 865-270-6400

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