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The advising office at Pellissippi State is dedicated to providing students with the information and technology access needed to be successfully meet their academic goals. Advisors help you clarify your path, stay on your path and finish your path strong. Our goal is to provide accurate information about your degree and certificate options and assist you in the development of an academic plan.

Advisors meet with students on an appointment basis throughout the academic year. Students may choose to meet on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or in-person. You may also connect through email or by phone. Please check the appointment information when scheduling for details on the meeting format.

All degree seeking students are assigned to an advisor either within their major or through the advising office. Please contact your assigned advisor to make an
appointment and discuss your next semester.

If you have difficulty contacting an advisor or making an appointment, please contact or call 865-694-6556 for assistance.

Pellissippi State offers several types of credentials:

  • Career technical degrees or associate of applied science provide access to
    the workforce and hands-on skill building for immediate employment
    opportunities upon graduation.
  • Transfer programs or General Associate of Science or General Associate of Arts degrees prepare you to transfer into a four-year degree program at another college or university.
  • Certificates are short programs that consist of courses designed to provide you with specific skills in a short period of time.

We recommend that all students meet with an advisor on a regular basis to ensue timely completion of their degree

Students with disabilities can request aid or other services during the enrollment process through Disability Services. Disability Services also helps students with accommodations and aid in the classroom and around campus.

Advising Services

Registration for Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 will open Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

  • Current Students
    • Check your PSCC email for a message from your assigned advisor on how they will be scheduling appointments.
    • Check your MyPellissippi alert box for information on contacting your assigned advisor if they have not contacted you.
  • New and Readmitted Students will be able to make appointments starting November 27th.
    • To schedule an in-person or virtual appointment, use Navigate Student (mobile app or desktop version) to schedule an appointment. You will select Advising and then your Career Community. For example, if you are planning to major in Psychology, you would select “Psychology/Social Work.”
    • If you have questions about how to use Navigate, check out our Navigate FAQ sheet.
    • Unsure of what career community your major of choice falls under? Click here to find out.
  • Advising Office Walk-In Schedule for Spring 2024

    • Our final walk-in dates for 2023 are December 13 and 14 from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. at all campuses
    • We will return to campus January 2
    • Walk-In Days are January 2-4 and January 10-12
    • Classes begin January 16, 2024

All degree seeking students are assigned an academic advisor either in their program or through the advising office. Student’s assigned advisor is listed in myPellissippi (on the right side, under your name), if you do not see an advisor listed, follow the instructions below to schedule an appointment with a general advisor.

New students will be assigned an advisor after the 14th day of classes once the semester begins. Students will be able to see their advisor’s name in myPellissippi (on the right side, under your name) after the advisor has been assigned.

To make an advising appointment through the Navigate Student mobile app:

  1. Be sure to download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Search for Institution: Pellissippi State Community College.
  3. The login will be the same as your myPellissippi login.
  4. Tap on the Appointments” icon—top row, middle.
  5. Select “My Team” to see if you have an assigned advisor. If you do, tap their name to find their availability or check your Pellissippi email to see if you already have some communication from them. If you do not have an assigned advisor, select “Schedule an Appointment” in the blue bar at the bottom.
  6. For “Service,” scroll through all the options to see which option fits your Major/Career Community or your pathway.
  7. Select a date on which you would like to schedule an appointment. Remember you cannot schedule an appointment within 24 hours of signing up. Then tap “Available Time.”
  8. Select a meeting type (i.e. In-person, or Microsoft Teams) to meet with an advisor.
  9. Select the time on that date. Review the details of your appointment and then tap “Schedule” in the blue bar at the bottom.

To make an advising appointment through myPellissippi:

  1. Log in to your myPellissippi. Once you have logged in, scroll down to the “Student Self-Service” box. Then click the icon labeled “Student Forms.” Under the “On-line Services” heading, click the option labeled “Navigate Student.” Click on the link that says the following: “Log in with your school account.” The login is the same as your myPellissippi login.
  2. Once you are in Navigate, click on “Appointments,” third item from the left. Click on “My Team” to see if you have an advisor. If you do, click their name to find their availability. If you do not have an assigned advisor, click “Schedule Appointment” in the blue box on the right.
  3. Click the arrow for “Service” and scroll through all options to match your Major/Career Community while at Pellissippi State and then “Pick a Date.” Remember you cannot schedule an appointment within 24 hours of your signing up.
  4. Click on “Find Available Time.” You can view the advisors that have availability and select a time with a specific advisor based on your Major/Career Community.
  5. Once you select a time that works best for you, review the details of your appointment, enter any comments you have, and then click “Schedule” at the bottom of the page.

Tennessee Promise students are required to complete community service for each semester they attend college. If you do not complete and submit community service hours to by the deadline, you will lose Tennessee Promise. Deadlines are specific for each semester:

  • Fall Semester — July 1
  • Spring Semester — December 1
  • Summer Semester (eligible for TN Promise funding for full-time students only) — April 1

Tennessee Promise students must maintain a full-time enrollment (at least 12 credit hours) and a 2.0 GPA. If you withdraw from class, or simply stop attending class, and drop below 12 credit hours, you will lose Tennessee Promise. Any other financial aid you may receive could also be affected.

Always talk to Financial Aid before you withdraw from or stop attending a class.

If your enrollment drops below full-time, or if you have an official or unofficial withdrawal date due to a documented personal hardship or medical reason, you may submit an appeal to keep Tennessee Promise to the Institutional Review Panel. A dependent or independent student whose appeal is based on financial reasons must provide all supporting documentation attributable to the student. A student cannot appeal for missing the GPA requirement. To appeal, students must submit an appeal form in myPellissippi and provide professional documentation that supports their appeal. If documentation is not provided, your appeal will be denied.

Advising Checklist for Dual Enrollment

If you’re a current high school student interested in taking classes at Pellissippi State to earn college credit while also satisfying high school credit requirements, you’re a Dual Enrollment student. Students can enroll in college-level courses that are taught at their high school or attend classes at one of our campuses.

Dual Enrollment students are not required to see an academic advisor in order to register.

If you do not see “Ready to Register,” you have outstanding Admissions requirements. You can review any outstanding Admissions requirements via the “Your Enrollment Checklist” link in myPellissippi. Remember, all students must complete their steps for Admission before they can register for classes.

If you do see “Ready to Register,” proceed as directed:

  • If you’re taking a class on a Pellissippi State campus — you’ll need to register for classes yourself. To make sure you are eligible to register, log in to myPellissippi and check for the “Ready to Register” alert.
  • If you’re taking a class at your high school — we will register you for your classes within two weeks of the semester beginning. If you have questions about the college classes you plan to take at your high school campus, ask your high school counselor.

Once all of previous steps are completed — including registering for classes — the college will credit Dual Enrollment students’ accounts after registration. Dual Enrollment students must pay any remaining balance not covered by the grant by the Schedule Confirmation and Fee Deadline. Students may set up a payment arrangement with the Cashier if needed. If you do not pay fees or set up a payment arrangement by the Schedule Confirmation and Fee Deadline, your schedule will be dropped.

Advising Checklist for International Students

Non-via students: please follow the Advising checklist above. 

International students with F-1 visas have unique advising requirements.

If you are an international student, contact for all advising information.

Advising Checklist for Visiting, Certificate & Non-Degree Students

If you are a student who wishes to take classes at Pellissippi State — but who does not wish to earn a degree from us or from another institution — you are a non-degree student. You may be auditing classes, or simply taking credit classes for personal enrichment.

Non-degree, certificate, and visiting students do not have advising requirements.

Register for classes in myPellissippi. Then remember to confirm your schedule and pay any fees before the appropriate deadline each semester.

Everyone must confirm their attendance. Even if you receive financial aid that covers tuition and fees you must confirm your schedule, or it will be deleted.

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