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Our Brand

Building brand recognition is a long-term goal that is reinforced daily with every publication, webpage, social media post and media coverage.
Consistency is important not only to recognition but also to reputation. The strength and reputation of our college brand require a uniform brand identity that is consistent across all platforms, channels and audiences.

The Marketing and Communications office’s role is to develop and ensure a consistent brand for Pellissippi State Community College through images and written communications. Accuracy, consistency and clarity of purpose help us demonstrate to the public a commitment to a quality educational experience.

Brand Toolbox

The Brand Toolbox is designed to implement simple and understandable branding that is flexible enough for college units to retain individuality within the Pellissippi State brand.

Pellissippi State Community College communicates with many diverse audiences. Every member of our campus community plays a role in consistently and positively advancing our reputation. Everyone who works at one of our campuses is a brand ambassador. Accurately incorporating elements of the brand in your communications contributes to our success.

Our Strategy

We make decisions about how we present Pellissippi State Community College through the framework of our institutional values. Our institution’s mission and vision guide our brand strategy which we express through our messages and visual identity.

Pellissippi State strives to engage, enrich and transform the lives of our students by offering excellence in academics, experiences that grow their skills and opportunities for community and civic engagement.