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Logo Usage

Primary Logo

The primary logo is the preferred visual representation of Pellissippi State. It consists of two elements—the PSCC logomark (the shield) and the wordmark (the text). Space, size and background color dictate usage.

Please use the primary logo exactly as it is—do not crop, change, redraw, rotate or alter the logo in any way. Please also note clear space requirements pertaining to all logos. Every communication or marketing collateral must include a logo. For external audiences, always use a version of the primary logo so that the full name of the institution is included.


Space Requirements

Don’t crowd the logo with other elements and always leave some space around it. A good rule to go by is to leave space about the length of the P in the College name around all sides of the logo.

Other Versions of the Primary Logo

The following versions of the primary logo have been approved by the College. Only use these versions if the primary two-color logo cannot be used because of cost limitations or background color conflicts.

The Stacked Logo

The stacked logo should only be used for space concerns where the primary logo will not fit. The primary logo is always preferred over the stacked logo, when possible.

Pellissippi State Logomark (The Shield)

Marketing and Communications reserves the right to use the Logomark as a stand-alone graphic if:

  • The target audience is internal to the College,
    such as employees or alumni;
  • Connection to the College is obvious, for example the
    primary logo is incorporated elsewhere in the collateral; or
  • When size, space or distance dictate

Color options include blue and yellow, blue, white and black. The PSCC logomark is not to be rendered in gray, and a good rule of
thumb is to only render the PSCC logomark in black when necessary,  such as for black-and-white printing.

Entities interested in using the PSCC logomark as a standalone  graphic should work with Mark Friebus, Creative Project Coordinator, by emailing